Pleco Algae 90g


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Vital Aquatics Pleco Algae - 90 g is fish food in the form of algae tablets for bottom eaters. The feed contains a large amount of 6 different algae (mainly Spirulina 12%, Chlorella 12%, Kelp 6%) and mainly water-based proteins from a variety of sources such as krill, squid, fish, green lipid mussel. In addition, it also contains nutritious insect meal and only natural anti-parasites, preservatives and antioxidants.

  • Includes (6) types of algae (35%)
  • Extremely tasty - high fish response
  • Does not include grains, soy or corn
  • Sinking algae tablets
  • Size Ø12 mm

Formulated by fish nutritionists and marine biologists.

Ingredients: Macro and microalgae (35%), molluscs and crustaceans (13%), vegetables, cereal protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, insect meal, yeast, oils and fats, vitamins and minerals, natural colors such as astaxanthin, natural antioxidants and natural preservatives .

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