Livebearers 90g


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Vital Aquatics Livebearers - 90 g is a fish food designed for fish such as guppis, mollis, sword bearer and platy but are really suitable for all kinds of live bearer.

The feed consists of premium ingredients including molluscs, fish, crustaceans, green lipid mussels and insects and contains only natural color enhancers as well as natural antioxidants and preservatives.

  • Provides essential nutrients for live carrier development
  • Liquid pellets
  • Size 400μ-600μ (Ø0.4-0.6 mm)

Formulated by a team of fish nutritionists and marine biologists in close collaboration with experienced fish breeders.

Ingredients: Insect meal, fish and fish derivatives, cereals, cereal protein extracts, molluscs, crustaceans, yeast, micro- and macroalgae, vegetables, oils and fats, vitamins and minerals, natural colors such as astaxanthin, natural antioxidants and natural preservatives.

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