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Vital Aquatics Discus Micro - 35 g is a protein-rich fish food for young discus fish between 2-4 months. The feed is specialized for daily feeding and contains a lot of everything necessary for healthy growth. When the fish are approx. 3 months, a varied diet is always the best option. You can then e.g. feed with Discus Micro one day and Discus Growth the other day.

Discus Micro is between 400-600 microns and contains natural ingredients such as: calanus, astaxanthin and red pepper extract for color enhancement, an algae combination (including Chlorella) together with garlic for digestive and anti-parasitic properties and an herbal extract as a preservative.

  • A protein-rich and nutritious diet based on a growth formula
  • A special food for discus fish between 2-4 months old
  • Granule size of Ø0.4-0.6 mm
  • Only natural color enhancements as well as natural antioxidants and preservatives

The feed has been formulated by a team of fish nutritionists - marine biologists and is recommended by Discus Expert and World Champion Tony Tan.

Ingredients: Molluscs, fish, grain protein extract, meat, oils and fats, vegetables, grains, crustaceans, microalgae, vitamins and minerals, natural colors such as astaxanthin, natural antioxidants and natural preservatives.

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