Betta Micro 35g


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Vital Aquatics Betta Micro - 35 g is a fish food for small to medium-sized fighting fish that contains a large amount of insects that make it very tasty and is offered in the form of liquid pellets with a size of Ø0.4-0.6 mm. Consists of premium ingredients including squid, fish, crustaceans, squid and green lipid mussel.

It also contains lots of water-based proteins and topping ingredients such as molluscs, fish, crustaceans and micro- and macroalgae. The formula not only covers the essential nutrients needed for fighting fish development and optimal health, but also contains natural ingredients that will improve color and body shape and provide digestive and anti-parasitic properties.

  • The feed does not cloud the water and helps maintain a healthy aquatic environment. 
  • A special feed for small and medium-sized fighting fish
  • Size Ø0.4-0.6 mm
  • Liquid granules
  • A large inclusion of insect meal
  • Only natural color enhancements as well as natural antioxidants and preservatives

Developed by a team of fish nutritionists and marine biologists.

Ingredients: Molluscs, insects, fish, cereal protein extracts, cereals, crustaceans, yeast, vegetables, micro- and macroalgae, oils and fats, meat, vitamins and minerals, natural colors such as astaxanthin, natural antioxidants and natural preservatives.

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