Original Stendker Granulat 140g


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A complete dry-food solution for growing and maintaining STENDKER discus fish, also suitable for other tropical fish varieties including Angelfish, Dwarf Cichlids, Tetras, and healthy supplement to bottom feeders.

The Original STENDKER Granulat is a top quality diet developed in Germany by converting the highly nutritious formula found in Stendker's frozen 'GoodHeart' diet into a dry food alternative.

The high quality granules also replaces the beef heart ingredient found in frozen 'GoodHeart' with alternative fish and vegetable based proteins, allowing this food to be readily accepted by a wider range of species while sustaining sufficient levels of protein to meet the Stendker discus requiremen


  • Higher protein content using fish and vegetable based sources.
  • Includes probiotics and amino acids for improved digestion and health benefits.
  • Contains the same rich ingredients found in Stendker's highly popular frozen 'GoodHeart' diet for natural body and color development.
  • Includes balanced vitamins and minerals at the required rates for long term health and sustained immunity.
  • The granule sizes are small enough to suit both juvenile and adult fish.


For 10 discus, 2 scoops or 0.4g are sufficient per meal. Feed according to nutritional needs, do not overfeed.

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