Royal Menu Flake 300ml



Royal Menu is a premium food for the highest quality fish. It is a top feed designed by a leading professional fish breeder. The fish will be healthy, beautifully colored and will live to an older age. This food has a professionally prepared composition, which places it at the top of food in contemporary aquaristics. Royal Menu suits a wide range of fish, because it is produced in several sizes from XS dust to L granules. It has proved very good here in Shrimp and we definitely recommend it for home use.
  • XL - coarse granules for fish sizes from 15 cm
  • L - coarser granules for fish size 8–15 cm
  • M - granules for fish size 4-8 cm
  • S - fine granules for small fish size 2-4 cm
  • XS - dust intended for spawn, young fish and the smallest species of fish up to 2 cm
Royal Menu is a complete full-fledged extruded feed, formulated in detail to meet all the nutritional requirements of demanding fish, such as targets, angelfish, wild catches and the like. The granules are easily digestible, soft, slowly descending, do not tarnish the water and do not disintegrate. Without compromise, the selected raw materials ensure optimal growth, a properly functioning digestive system, a functional immune system and a strong coloration. These attributes guarantee healthy development, spontaneous reproduction and longevity for fish.  

Feeding with the Royal Menu

You can feed several times a day, at most as much as the fish consumes within 5 minutes. Do not overfeed the fish. Depending on the size of the feed and the type of fish, it is possible to feed fish from fry to farmed fish. Not for human consumption! STORE IN DRY AND COLD!


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