Orinoco Angel


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As the name suggest, this angelfish comes from the Rio Orinoco basin, from Colombia to Venezuela. Being part of the Altum (Pterophyllum Altum) species, this fish is distinguished from other angelfish by having a very tall body (altum = tall) and by having a notch on its upper portion of the snout (above the nares). Having a very peaceful temperament and liking slow moving water, makes it the perfect candidate for a calm fishtank. His tank must have loads of tall plants or driftwood (root tangles), slightly darker water and, if possible, lower light conditions allowing it to be very comfortable.

Due to its body size, this species needs a relatively deep tank to accommodate its elongated shape. Breeding them could be difficult but maintaining a good water quality may help to encourage spawning.


   Recommended tank parameters:

Temperature: 26 to 30 degrees Celsius

PH: 4.5 to 8.5

KH: 0 to 8 KH

Minimum tank size: at least 80 liters


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