Easy-Life 25 Root sticks


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The Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks are ideal to feed plants directly at the roots.

The product contains 25 pieces of special clay sticks that are very nutritious and have a high iron content. Due to the special pre-treatment of these sticks, they do not fall apart immediately upon contact with water.

The release of nutrients goes very gradually over a period of several weeks. The water will not get cloudy at all, so algae cannot take advantage of that. The product is very easy to use and causes no additional water pollution.

Use these root sticks for plants with a strong need for root nutrition such as Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus or Lotus.

If the soil layer is very narrow or the plant roots are small, the sticks can be very easily broken into smaller pieces. The root sticks can therefore be used in all cases.


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