Apistogramma Agassizi Double Red


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The Agassizi Double Red is an extremely colourful variant of the agassizi dwarf cichlid family, indigenous to Rio Tefe basin in South America. Although they have an attractive appearance with plenty of personality, only the males display a great deal of red on fins as well as violet, blue, yellow, while females display less color but still have a good amount of coloration (yellow and black).

They love sandy substrates and plenty of places to hide like driftwood, rock formations or clay pots. They like planted tanks but make sure they have plenty of open space. In general they’re peaceful, making them a nice candidate for most aquariums, but again make sure they have enough space, because they can be territorial in the spawning season. Socially they congregate loosely in groups.

 Recommended tank parameters:
  • Temperature: 22 to 29 degrees Celsius
  • PH: 5.0 to 8.0
  • KH: 2 to 15 dKH
  • Minimum tank size: 50 liters


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